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yeah bored so ask remi~!!!  this be remi any questions ask below~~ 
+ Remi's Ref + by melissa03+ Lift kiss JxR + by melissa03+ Remi chilling in blood+ by melissa03
Questions ask
1. :iconacebird1234::iconspeechbubbleplz: "Remi there anything I can help you with?"
2.:iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz: " Remi you're prreeeettttyyyyy owo can you buy me cookies? c: "
3. :iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz:  "Can I piggyback ride?"
4. :iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz: "If pancakes could talk what conversation would you have?"
5.:iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz:  "If a random person asked you out how would your loved ones react?"
6. :iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz:  "If you could do anything what would it be?"
7.:iconallycookiekitty: :iconspeechbubbleplz: "Remi what's your fav Pokemon and *dresses you as it as I'm dressed as Meowth* like it? ;3"

Asked that are sketched

+ Ask remi 1 + by melissa03
+ Ask remi 2 + by melissa03
+_Pokemon Doodles_+ by melissa03 (her fav pokemon) 
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melissa03 has started a donation pool!
4,073 / 28,895,000
:iconimsorryplz: THANKS FOR THE POINTS:iconimsorryplz:
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Current Balance: 1,625 Points

marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is the husband XD
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Melissa Darkrai Jr Heartless ¬¬
You can find my other work…:

HotBF Stamp by Eyesofthewind

:eye: :bulletred:I do mostly traditional art i feel more better with it then anything else. also i do take my sweet ass time! which is hours i take with a 5 minute break.

:eye: :bulletblue: i am a loner mostly when it comes to my work but i help out my friends when they need me. i love my friends like they were family. so hurt them i hurt you end of story.

:eye: :bulletgreen: I DRAW WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY! i also have an inkbunny account so only go at your own risk so yeah i draw a lot of things. so have fun looking threw that.

:eye: :bulletpink: For anyone who did know i am happily taken got it?! and i only put my character "Melissa Heartless" with his "Xlione Warwolf" we have been together for years. so yeah.

:eye: :bulletorange: I believe in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

:eye: :bulletpurple: I'm from :flagcanada: x3

:eye: :bulletyellow: :skullbones: _ I'm a dark girl i love being an outcast i am a curser mostly me at a lot of times :censored: and :chainsaw: AND :explosion: _:skullbones:

:eye::bulletblack: People call me a :heartbreaker: also the :devil: daughter because i'm devilish at times :devilish:

:eye::bulletwhite: One out of a lot of things that drives me nuts is i don't give away friendships they are build up over time but some peope don't seem to notice that anymore!

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Angel's Paintings
+ Cuddling + by melissa03
+ Kay the Snake + by melissa03
+  Remi chirstmas blues + by melissa03
10 :points: for half body
20 :points: for half body clothed 
30 :points: for 2 half body naked 
40 :points: for 2 half body clothed
50 :points: for 2 full body naked
60 :points: for 2 full body clothed
15 :points: each more for 3 or more characters

15 :points: more for with angel in the painting is 

nakedness  sally or 18+ naked character. 
Single and group/couple characters
+ Elder Twins + by melissa03
+ Run Eggman + by melissa03
+ Depression by the fire + by melissa03
+ Mother's Day+ by melissa03
family fun time by melissa03
+_Fun with Daisy PREVIEW_+ by melissa03
3 :points: for heads
30 :points: for half body
40 :points: for full body 
30 :points: for naked 

6 :points: for two heads
60 :points: for two half bodies 
80 :points: for two full bodies
60 :points: for two naked 
add the same number if wanting more then two characters.


9 :points: for heads i.e kissing or whatever
90 :points: for half bodies
120 :points: for full bodies
add the same number if wanting more then one pair of couples.


200 :points: single character sketch 
250 :points: single character outlined
350 :points: single character colored

400 :points:one pair couple sketch
450 :points: one pair of couple outlined
500 :points: one pair couple colored

600 :points: more then one pair of couple in sketch
650 :points: more then one pair outlined
700 :points: more then one pair colored 

preview on DA is just 2 :points: more  
+ Rosa Heartless ref + by melissa03
+ Rain heartless + by melissa03
+ Ruby's Ref + by melissa03
+_Craz Wolf_+ by melissa03
+ Female Rob the cat Ref + by melissa03
+ Pc. Rob the cat ref + by melissa03
150 :points: for just color and the front/sideish  character view 
250 :points: for character and small point outs i.e head side view 
350 :points: for  full front and back 
:points: for color box
10 :points: for chibi at the side 
Lea's Outfits
+ Lea At Work + by melissa03
+ Pc pepsi outfit + by melissa03
+ Bat outfit adopt + by melissa03
60 :points: for swim suit both two piece and one 
50 :points: for just top
50 :points: for just bottoms
50 :points: for  just shoes
30 :points: for  logos
150 :points: for full outfits
10 :points: for color
15 :points: for custom mannequin 

90 :points: for lea in the picture as well
Sexy poses
+ PC Mary and her doll + by melissa03
+ CM Sasha + by melissa03
+ PC 2 sonicfan200000 + by melissa03
+ PC 1 sonicfan200000 + by melissa03
+_Com shes my bitch!_+ by melissa03
females and males

60 :points: for 1-2 people in sketch
120 :points: for more then two people in sketch
50 :points: for naked. i.e sally or 18+
60 :points: for cloths

120 :points: for one pair of couple in sketch
240 :points: for two or more pair of couple in sketch

pencil crayons 30 :points:
crayons 60 :points: (they are 7 bucks for a pack of mini 24! so meh!)
torcher and blood
+ B is for Billy + by melissa03
+ A Is For Amber + by melissa03
+ Drowning Girls + by melissa03
100 :points: for single character sketch
200 :points: for single character color
300 :points: for two character sketch
400 :points: for two character color
100 :points: for more then two character sketch
200 :points: for more then two character color
Custom adoptable
+ Custome Adoptables+ by melissa03
+ Rhino Adopts + by melissa03
125 :points: for single sketch
245 :points: for single color 
325 :points: for group sketch
445 :points: for group color 
525 :points: for couple sketch
550 :points: for couple color 
sonic and Pokemon
+ Pokemon Trainers + by melissa03
+ PC Rob and Goodra + by melissa03
200 :points: for one character and one Pokemon in sketch
250 :points: for one character and one Pokemon in color
300 :points: for two character and or two Pokemon in sketch 
560 :points: for two character and or two Pokemon in color 
100 :points: for adding more then 3 or more characters or Pokemon  

+ Sonic Breed adopts + by melissa03
+ Next gen adopts + by melissa03
+ 8 Adopt 2 open + by melissa03
Dr. eggman freak out by melissa03
Minis Dance party by melissa03
Mini X Love by melissa03
30 :points: for sketch
40 :points: for outlined 
50 :points: for color
20 :points: each for more then one pair 
+ Butterfly's Ref + by melissa03
+ First anime in the longest time + by melissa03
+_Ready to kick_+ by melissa03
+ Playing With Pets + by melissa03
+_Saved by the uke_+ by melissa03
Evil Friends by melissa03
50 :points: for half body sketch
90 :points: for half body sketch
100 :points: for one character sketch
115 :points: for one character color
200 :points: for  two character sketch
215 :points: for two character color
500 :points: for reference 
100 :points: for adding more then two character  


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